Tuesday 1 December 2009

Happy Advent!

I've been meaning to share this rather excellent advent calendar for a while, but today seemed an appropriate moment.  My daughter and I found it in a charity shop in Geneva for a measly CHF 5 and I instantly grabbed it.  I don't know when it was made, or by whom, but it is gorgeous.  And rather spookily, and in the way that often happens with charity shops, the day before we found it, I had parcelled up our family matchbox advent calendar to send off to my little sister.  I think we were meant to find this and use it for our kids.  Look at the picture on one of the cute!

It's filled with chocolate coins and is hanging in our kitchen at the minute.  The two eldest are taking turns opening it in the mornings.

We actually have four advent calendars in our house.  Each year my little sister makes one up for me and I return the favour.  It's filled with little bits and bobs and is very exciting.  This morning it contained what my daughter refers to as "clenching kittens" which are little paper-clip type doo-dahs that clench paper between their bum cheeks!  The children have another one that is filled with Christmas books, one for each day of advent, and I made my husband one - I may post a photo later...

As you can probably tell, I love advent calendars!

I hope you enjoy opening yours!