Thursday 13 October 2016

On alcohol and reading...

It was with great pleasure I accepted the invitation to choose a category for the Semi-Charmed Winter Book Challenge 2016!  After (just) finishing in fourth place in the Summer Challenge, I finally achieved a goal I’ve held since summer 2013.  Mostly I have a small boy to thank for it.  His sleeping pattern is so non-existent that many a night our room is illuminated from the glow of a kindle as I try to nurse him back to sleep.
Anyhow, my category is thus:
Read a book with an alcoholic beverage (neat or cocktail) in the title.
And I promised Megan that I’d come up with some suggestions.  Here they are roughly categorised.  While I haven’t read most of them, I’ve linked each one to its goodreads entry – I hope you find something that whets your appetite!
Wine Books

Cider Books

Whiskey/Whiskey Books

Vodka Books

Rum Books

Gin Books

Various Other Drinks

The first five Murder, She Wrote series by Jessica Fletcher are all alcohol based.  I won’t be trying these due to an irrational hatred of Murder, She Wrote, which came about when we first moved to France and it was the only thing on television. Ever.
There also exists a series of Jack Daniels Mysteries by J. A. Konrath, the first six of which are named after famous cocktails.
And you could be sneaky with this one too.  Many words contain the word ‘gin’ – begin, aubergine, avenging, belonging, engineer – or ‘rum’ – crumb, drum, forum, grumble, instrument. My sleep addled brain is probably missing out on many more (and possibly being optimistic that there is a book out there with aubergine in the title).
I don’t think you’ll have any difficulty in finding a book that fits into this category.  My list is by no means exhaustive.  For what it’s worth, I heartily recommend Campari For Breakfast by Sara Crowe which is a beautiful and hilarious novel about a young woman coming of age pursuing her dream to become a writer while living with her aged aunt in a rundown, ramshackle mansion.  I’ll be choosing the sequel, Martini Henry for this category in the challenge.
Thank you, Megan, for hosting another challenge.  Have fun reading and good luck!

Edited: I’ve since been on goodreads and found a huge number of books with aubergine in the title.  Seriously, my category could have been Read a book with the word aubergine in the title and you’d have been spoiled for choice!