Monday 22 February 2010

Yarn Happy!

What will this rather luscious pile of wool become?

I'm about to start a Playful Stripes Cardigan from Alana Dakos at nevernotknitting. I'm hoping that blogging my intention will keep me on track with my New Year's Resolution of Finishing Projects. I'd become a bit overwhelmed by works in progress, so I've set myself some rules, namely that I'm not working on more than two projects at once, one of which must be a pre-started project, and that I don't start another until one of these is finished. I'm doing well so far. I've finished a hat for my cousin in Australia, a needlework picture I started while expecting my first child (over 4 years ago!), a first attempt at an embroidery for my god-daughter, and these two items for my youngest daughter.

This is a high chair cover for our cheap IKEA ANTILOP high chair.  It's about to be replaced, following our imminent house move, so, after a no-nappy disaster on the shop-bought previous cover, we needed a cheap replacement.  The pattern is from Lidija's BluDor Magazine blog and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

And these are legwarmies!  Knitted with love from Alana Dakos' pattern.  They keep Ruthie's legs warm and I like them too.  Here's hoping the cardigan will be such a hit with her sister!
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