Saturday 3 August 2013


This is day 1 of the August Break challenge (please note that I've even managed to put a little button over there), and is a little late in coming!  This was my breakfast this morning, made all the more special in that two of my children had a long lie, the other two were happy to eat their toast in front of the television and that I was joined on my sunny balcony by my most loving cat, Meg.  I think she's gorgeous and goes particularly well with my favourite skirt!

My breakfast this morning consisted of muesli, orange juice and green tea.  I'm trying to count my calories at the minute so the orange juice was a treat.  I've recently given up coffee and am thoroughly embracing the change to tea.  I managed an early morning cycle today and was looking forward to this tea like you wouldn't believe!  It did not disappoint.

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